Thousand soldiers led by Giuseppe Garibaldi landed in Marsala on 11 May 1860 beginning the unification of Italy.


Technical Data

Classification: Marsala Superiore Secco SOM Denominazione D’Origine Controllata.
Grapes: Grillo/ Inzolia.
Growing area: Trapani province excluding Pantelleria, Favignana and Alcamo.
Typology of terrain: Medium consistency.
Vinification: Fermentation at controlled temperature (18° C.) is stopped adding alcohol to D.O.C. Marsala must when the sugar content is 40 gr/Lt.
Refinement: In large American oak cask for 2 years and further 6 months in smaller Slavonian ous casks ( about 200 liters) and then three months in stainless steel vats.
Alcohol content: 18% by vol.
Serving temperature: Room temperature as dessert wine and 10° C. as aperitivo.
Preservation: Store bottles horizontally at fresh temperatures and protected from the light.
Colour: Brilliant amber yellow.
Bouquet: Delicate and intense of mature fruit and noble wood.
Flavour: Dry, well-balanced. Persistent.
How to drink: Excellent with biscuits and aged cheese. Meditation wine.