The Phoenicians were skilled navigators, even at night, orientating themselves with the Constellation of the Big Dipper, also known as Stella Fenicia.


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Technical Data

Classification: Very old wine.
Grapes: Grillo
Growing area: Mothia island and Marsala North coast.
Typology of terrain: Using alberello system vineyards in sandy soil.
Vinification: Fermentation with the skins at 22°C for 20 days.
Refinement: In oak casks for about 30 years.
Alcohol content: 16% by vol.
Serving temperature: 18° C.
Preservation: Store bottles horizontally at fresh temperatures and protected from the light.
Colour: Brilliant amber yellow
Bouquet: Intense with notes of wood, coffee and dried figs.
Flavour: Rich in extract and unexpectedly fresh
How to drink: Meditation wine. Excellent with bitter chocolate or with a good cigar.