In Greek mythology , Fillide was a beatiful Princess , turned into an almond tree for love.


Technical Data

Classification: Fortified Almond wine.
Grapes: Autochthonous white grapes.
Growing area: Western Sicily.
Typology of terrain: Medium consistency .
Vinification: An alcoholic infusion of bitter almonds is added to an excellent white wine following the traditional Sicilian recipe.
Refinement: In stainless steel for 3 months.
Alcohol content: 16% by vol.
Serving temperature: 12° C as aperitivo and 18° C. as dessert wine.
Preservation: Store bottles horizontally at fresh temperatures and protected from the light.
Colour: Deep amber yellow.
Bouquet: Intense, rich in almond notes.
Flavour: Sweet and heady.
How to drink: Dessert wine. Excellent with icecream, fruit and pastry.